Which is Better? iPad iOS Vs. Android

The tablet craze started with Apple’s introduction of the iPad and slowly other manufactures followed suit with their own wireless tablets. This means there are now more models to choose from than ever before. The top two makers of tablets are Apple and Android, each competing for their share in the market. In order to decide which tablet is right for you, we can take a look at what each has to offer from their operating systems. A Note About Hardware Note that, while Apple's operating system – iOS – is only available through the iPad 3 and older models, Android is available on a number of tablets. Some of these are more powerful than others. This article will cover the main difference in the operating systems, rather than the hardware of various tablets. The operating system is the foundation of the device, and will affect the way you use it and the apps you can use on your tablet. iPad 3 iOS Often referred to as the “New iPad”, iPad 3 offers a beautiful, much crisper retina display for optimal viewing of pictures, videos, games, and even reading material. It also comes with the ability to connect to 4G mobile networks, for super-fast mobile downloads. The thing that consumers love most about the way iOS works is that it just works. It's smooth and intuitive to use, and will make sense to tech lovers and tablet newcomers alike. It also has the biggest selection of apps that can do just about everything you need it to do, and it works seamlessly with your iPhone and iTunes on your Mac or PC. When the Smart Cover is opened, the iPad 3 instantly turns on. Its applications run quickly, such as iPhoto and iMovie. The iOS operating system also allows the iPad 3’s multi-touch functioning. Multiple Internet pages can be viewed at once through Safari with no ads and other clutter. Twitter integration has also been added to the iPad 3 so you can tweet from any location on your device. The major downside to iOS, however, is the lack of customization. Apple keeps everything under their control, including which apps they allow to be sold in the App store. Android, on the other hand, is an open operating system, and can be used far more freely by tablet manufacturers and app developers alike. Android There are a wide range of tablets running the latest Android operating system – some are still running older versions, however, so it's important to check before you buy. One of the best things about Android is that there is so much choice available. Unlike with iOS and the iPad, you can choose from budget to top of the range tablets, depending on your needs. The more powerful Android tablets, running the newest version of Android, will function just as well as iOS. You'll be able to multi-task on your tablet, and run apps with speed. Although there aren't as many Android apps available as for iOS, there are still more than you'll ever need, and the number grows every day. Even better for some users, the app market is open (unlike Apple's app store). Some people claim that Android can be more difficult to use for beginners, but this really depends on which tablet you choose. This is what's important: with iOS, you know you'll be getting good quality hardware, but with Android you have to do your research to make sure. There are many good Android tablets available, but there are also some mediocre ones!


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